Should I Buy or Lease my Next Car from Causeway Lincoln?

You're in the market for your next car, and you've chosen a new model from the Lincoln lineup at Causeway Lincoln. The thing about shopping for cars, however, is that choosing something you like is only part one of the purchase process. Arguably more important is deciding how you're going to pay for it. There aren't many people, after all, who can walk into a dealership with all the money they need to buy a brand new car.

That's where the finance center at our dealership comes into play. When you shop for a new Lincoln model at our dealership in Manahawkin, you'll find professional staff who can help you gain access to a swathe of valuable options for vehicle financing. These include affordable options for car loans and lease agreements. The only thing you'll have to worry about is which option is better for you.

Comparing the Benefits of Loans and Leases

Whether or not a loan or lease is better for you largely depends on your needs and resources. If you're the kind of Manchester driver, for instance, who doesn't mind a larger monthly payment or plans on driving the same car for years, financing with a vehicle loan might be the better choice for you.

While your payments will be bigger, they only last until the loan is paid off. Once you've paid its balance, you won't have any car payment at all. The car will be yours and can drive it for as long as you want payment free. You'll also be free to sell it, modify it, or let it rust in your driveway. It's yours, and you can do what you want with it.

Lease agreements come with lower monthly payments and require less money down, but they also come with more restrictions. You might have to deal with things like annual mileage caps. You'll also need to return the car to your dealership when the leaser term expires, and in good shape too. If you treat a leased vehicle too roughly, you can incur extra fees upon its return.

For the right person though, a lease can also provide a lot of value. Leased vehicles might have more restrictions, but their lower monthly payments also make it easier for people with more modest means to get behind the wheel of something new. Many lease agreements likewise come with thorough warranty packages that will take care of maintenance you might otherwise be expected to pay for out of pocket if you owned the car yourself. Leased vehicles also represent an easy way for drivers in Township and Hammonton to regularly update and upgrade their cars.

Find the Financing You Need at Our Dealership Today

If you'd like more information about loans or leasing, get in touch with us at Causeway Lincoln. Our finance professionals would be happy to help you get the answers you need to make an informed purchase.

You can also count on us for a smooth financing process. We work hard to make sure our customers in Beach Haven and Barnegat don't have to deal with the stress that can often come with financing. We'll talk to the banks and advocate for you and make sure you go home with a superior deal that suits your life and circumstances.

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